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Honorary Poem

Langston Hughes typewriter
Emily Ruth Hazel - Rhapsody in Red, White, and Blue (The Songs We Stitch Together)

To celebrate our 25th Anniversary, the Langston Hughes Community Poetry Reading Committee commissioned an original poem that pays tribute to the “Poet Laureate of Harlem”– Langston Hughes. After pouring over numerous portfolios for consideration, the Committee selected Emily Ruth Hazel, a poet, writer, and cross-pollinator who is passionate about making poetry approachable for a diverse community of readers and listeners by bringing everyday life into poetry and bringing poetry into everyday life.  

Meet Our
Honorary Poet

Emily Ruth Hazel
Emily Ruth Hazel

"Different languages, different cultures represented; so many different voices and perspectives but all finding their voice in Langston Hughes' poems and he is such a poet for the people." - Emily Ruth Hazel

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