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Langston's harlem nights

Pictures from the Langston's Harlem Nights fundraiser. Nearly all photos taken by Providence's own Justin Case.

To continue its needed ambassador work and popular annual community poetry readings, the LHCPR Committee had a Langston's Harlem Nights fundraiser on November 18th, 2023 at Machine & Magnets, 400 Main St. Pawtucket, RI.

In the spirit of the Harlem Renaissance, it was an old-fashioned rent party with a jazzy, dress up, high-style-nightclub feel. Several understood the assignment and showed up in style! There was live jazz music grooved to from the Leland Baker Trio, a Best Dressed competition, heavy hors d’oeuvres with mac n' cheese balls, wings of multiple flavors and other delicious treats from Chef Tarik, displayed art that brought us back in time, and period drinks and mocktails including Langston's favorite Hot Daddy creation as well as surprise musical performances, poetry and so much more. We were just shy of our $30,000 fundraising goal, but you can keep those donations coming by clicking the button above.

It was THE cultural immersion event of the Fall!

Thank you to our sponsors. 

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Langston's Harlem Nights Souvenir Program

Take a look at our souvenir program that includes a list of our vendors, those who donated, and others who partnered with us by buying ads. There are also additional rent party and Langston Hughes pictures. 

Black tenants in Harlem during the 1920s and 1930s faced discriminatory rental rates. Along with lower salaries, many were short on rent. These parties were meant to bridge the gap. There could be as many as 10-12 rent parties on the same block on any given Saturday.

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